YOGA FLOW con GEOFF BROOKS - Philosophy in action

How Yoga Saved my Life...


11 - 12 MARZO 2017

Each session  will address different stress in the mind and body related to life.
Each session will treat stress with breath and asana.
We will start at the base chakra and work out wat up.

  • First session is about Earth and Water elements - stability, grounding and balancing flow (standing and floor poses plus base breath work)
  • Second session is about Fire and Air elements - heat and opening (hips, shoulders and backbandings plus deeper breathing
  • Third session bring it all together (inversions and arm balancing plus deeper pranayama and deep meditations techniques)



Quando: 11 - 12 MARZO 2017

Dove: studio di Via Varese, 18 - Milano


  • Sabato 11/3: h. 11.00-14.00
  • Domenica 12/3:  h. 11.00-13.00 - h. 15.00 - 18.00


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Philosophy in Action con Goeff Brooks

Philosophy in Action con Goeff Brooks




Yoga Asana is simply one part of Yoga. In this deeply personal Immersion, Geoff shows how the Philosophy of Yoga incorporates with the practice of Asana through the inclusion of tools and techniques in order to take the understanding and comprehension of Yoga to a deeper level and in doing so reconnects us with personal happiness and bliss.


This Immersion is designed for the Yogi who wants to deepen their knowledge and practice and for those who want to understand a more fulfilling way of living their lives.


Yoga Philosophy simply let’s us know that there are many things in our lives that draw us away from our True Nature (of harmony, happiness, clarity and bliss). This drawing away is sometimes called obstacles and sometimes represented as a Veil.It is said to be the way we interpret the veil which creates our interpretation of reality.


There is a term for these obstacles, the klesha’s. The primary amongst them is avidya. Avidya is when we are unclear or ignorant in our minds and our actions. Of the kleshas the various qualities are egoism, attachment, aversion and fear. 


To return to our True Nature, the Yoga Practice balances our chakras - which are depicted by the various elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These have different qualities, depicted by the gunas, which are tamas (inertia), Rajas (action) and Sattva (harmony).

THIS Immersion applies these philosophies into principles of Action to harmonise our Being.

This apples further to you by addressing your reactive states and providing you with the tools to bring you back to clarity. 


Geoff has been studying and applying this for a number of years. Teaching and guiding the techniques and tools both at his home in Byron Bay and  internationally.